Nothing is worse than a disintegrating family. A bad phase is strong enough not only to break a family but also the members. In cases like divorce, separation, relocations, child maintenance, etc. things tend to get awful and sometimes it is beyond redemption.

Needless to say, the entire spectrum of family law is complex for each family has unique issues and dynamics. As a leading firm of family lawyers in Oakville, we understand the predicaments people experience during any dispute. However, despite putting our best efforts, more often than not, it is seen cases like separations or divorces meet no end solutions.

The reason is simple- complexity among the two parties. When two parties get involved in a legal showdown, they only think of their benefits. As a result, the process of final judgement sometimes takes more time than usual. Understanding the crisis, the Progressive Conservative Government in Manitoba has come up with a groundbreaking ordinance making family law and disputes easier than before.

On March 12 2019, the Justice Minister has announced the Family Law Modernization Act to settle thorny issues like divorce, property division, custody arrangements, etc. with utmost peace and. This is supposedly one of the most sought-after legislation not only in Manitoba but also in Canada.

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What to Expect:

Being one of the leading agencies of family lawyers in Oakville, we strongly appreciate the commitment of the Government to modernize the family law system in the truest sense. In order to provide greater insights about this bill, here comes a quick list of things you can expect:

  • A 3-year Pilot Program: The primary proposition of this bill is a three-year pilot program which will have its inception from 2020. During this tenure, the couple will try to settle their disputes through several means. Here, a judge is to no avail. To be precise, people residing in Manitoba will act as essential partners understanding each other’s needs. In accordance with their conditions, each partner will design respective tools or services to suffice spousal conditions and requisites.
  • Two-phased Program: The program will be conducted in two phases. The initial phase will deal with the involvement of resolution officers for settling any disputes. However, if things don’t fall in the right place, the case will be taken over by an adjudicator. After studying the case, the adjudicator will proceed with an ordering which may get effective of neither of the parties disagree. During such a phase, guidance of the family lawyer Ottawa is of utmost importance.
  • Simplified Child Support Process: Children are always the victim in such a situation. However, with the passing of Family Law Modernization Act, things are going to improve at a large extent. Along with this law, the child support service gains a lot more traction and authority. A family will have the freedom to decide on the child support without the need for any court battle.
  • Faster and Cost-effective: With all such features, the entire process of separation or divorces will not take much time. The program is drafted to cut down the lengthy process at once. So, bad time won’t be prevalent for a longer period. Apart from speeding up the final judgement, the law will also cut down the unwanted expenses that both parties bear during this time.

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Bottom Line

According to a survey, around 3,000 to 5,000 people in Manitoba struggle with bad divorces and separations. It can be said that the situation may get a constructive solution. However, you should always remember that the divorce falls under the federal jurisdiction. So, instead of opting for a judge, always opt for adjudicators and resolution officers. To know more about this law, contact our firm with family lawyers in Oakville at the earliest.