Divorces don’t always have to be an unwanted mess. Generally, people presumably consider this process to be a tough time with the miscellany of complicated issues and rules. Several delicate factors also come into the scene with are needed to be taken care of.

However, during this tumultuous phase, positive interference of divorce lawyers Toronto can bring in a lot of pragmatic changes. This is because, during the procedure of divorce, every minute issue is regulated by a flurry of emotions. One of the major sensitive cases is the one with the pets. Many couples often find it difficult to sort a way out on this stumbling affair.

It is often seen that negotiating the terms of divorce becomes a plight when the couples have pet(s). No wonder, every pet secures a soft place in its owners’ hearts. Hence, the situation can take a U-turn with no proper solution.

In such a case, it is always advised to take the aid of divorce lawyers Toronto. If you seem to be landed in a similar circumstance, here comes a comprehensive guide encompassing the custody of pets.

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More insights:

According to a survey, 61% of people in Toronto have at least one pet. And it also revealed that approximately 34% of married couples are likely to have pets. So, considering their emotions over a pet, there is a certain layer of law blanketed over the domesticated animals.

The billion dollar question that keeps pricking the couple is who gets the pet. This is indeed rigmarole considering the existing multiple aspects. To cater to this crisis, divorce lawyers Toronto with their years of proven expertise help solving the issue with ease.

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Lawyers and their Measures:

As for many, pets are no less than children, domesticated animals are considered to be a property. Hence, the couples have to go through a process where pets are allocated to a particular person as a part of their settlement. Generally, in majority of the cases, courts allow visitation schedule with the pets for both the parties.

However, diving deeper reveals more details. For instance, the factors that are responsible for determining the owner of a pet after divorce play a vital role.

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Below given are the following aspects that a court usually considers when deciding on the owner:

  • The spouse who cared most for the pet
  • Various testimonials from the veterinarian
  • Participation of children if any
  • Location of the spouses after separation
  • Facilities that one can provide to the pet
  • The spouse who usually spent substantial time with the pet

Note: The court usually allows custody of the pet to that person who tends to have the primary custody of the children.

Another important aspect is the expense associated with keeping a pet. The court will also evaluate the owner’s financial portfolio before coming to a conclusion. The expenses typically include food, vet bills, grooming, training classes etc.

The entire procedure of getting pet custody is time-consuming. So, you can knock the doors of professional divorce lawyers Toronto for rendering a fair case result.