In 2017, the Supreme court of Canada had made a firm decision that mental health is extremely essential to our society and its workers. The main objective of the court’s discussion in these matters has centered around the difficulties caused to the employee’s psychological and emotional well-being, their mental health and dignity. The employee should seek legal help from the Toronto labour lawyer when he faces such situations.

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Although, it is significant that employers remember that the courts are not the one who has the legal right to deal with the problem of employee wellness. You can approach WorkSafeBC which arguably has a more convincing and forceful effect on BC businesses rather than courts. In November 2013, WorkSafeBC created new policies which address harassment and bullying of the official spaces. These policies describe bullying and harassment as follows:

  • Including any kind of unsuitable conduct or comment by an individual towards a worker that the individual knew or ought to have known sensibly would cause that worker to become intimidated or humiliated. That individual can be an employer, co-worker, member of the public, supervisor or any of the other person with whom the worker comes into contact at the working place.
  • Excluding any sensible action taken by the supervisor or the employer with regards to the management and direction of workers or the working space.

Some of the examples of bullying or harassment are given below:

  • Insults
  • Verbal aggression
  • Calling someone disparaging names
  • Unfavorable hazing or initiation practices
  • Spreading malicious rumors
  • Destroying personal belongings

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What Should You Do When You Experience or See Such Bullying And Harassment at Your Workspace?

  • Make a complaint to the Toronto labour lawyer and seek advice from them.
  • Review your boss’s policy on bullying and harassment.
  • If your boss does not have such kind of policy, you can also complain to the WorkSafeBC about this.
  • If there exists a policy, then follow the methods set out for reporting any matter of bullying and harassment. This is done in the form of writing about the details of your complaint with date, time and place of the incident, the situational description, people involved and the effect on you along with essential documents like handwritten notes, emails or photos.
  • Collaborate with your employer’s inquiry of your complaint. Without your help and cooperation in the investigation method and complaint, your complaint does not bring a meaningful variation in your workspace.

Not only WorkSafeBC, but Toronto labour lawyer can also help the employees and the employers understand their legal responsibilities and duties and prevent bullying and harassment in the workspace.