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Employment laws play a very important role in keeping in check the relationship between the employer and the employee. The law lists up all the terms and condition on the basis of which a company can hire an employee and when the employees are eligible to work. Apart from that the law also covers the wage policy of the employee to that the employer must pay for work and also describes the basic requirements needed for the working conditions of the employee.

Who is an employment lawyer?

When you are associated with any case regarding the employment laws, you are likely to get in touch with an Employment lawyer in Toronto. These lawyers are not seen much in the courtroom and majority of their work includes the negotiation of contract with employers and also advising the employers.

The employment lawyer in Toronto also work on resolving the disputes and also in negotiating the bargaining in the agreement. Often these lawyers are responsible for representing a single client for several years.

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The Notable Employment Laws in Canada

Every country has its own set of employment laws that look to keep in balance the relationship between the employer and the employee. It is essential for both the employers as well as the employees to know about the employment laws of their respective countries so as to fight for their basic rights in case of any dispute.

Here are some of the notable employment laws in Canada:

Laws that cover your basic employment rights

In Canada, it is important for employers to keep in check with the basic standards of work in the working environment of the employees. This act includes the duration of work, the minimum wage requirements, vacations, leaves and the different types of provisions that are expected to be given to the employees.

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Acts Covering Employment Equity and Discrimination

The Canadian Employment Equity Act is stated under the Department of Justice of Canada and it aims to protect the basic rights of these four categories including people with disabilities, Aboriginal people, visible minorities and women. The Employment lawyer in Toronto are expected to look into the issues and point and relevant points when solving any kind of dispute related to these categories.

Apart from solving the disputes between these categories the law also focuses on prohibiting any form of discrimination, the law also functions under the Canadian Human Rights Act. The major difference between the Human Rights Act and The Equity Act is that the latter needs the employers to take effective steps for improving the work opportunities of the above-mentioned categories.

The main work of a Employment lawyer in Toronto is to resolve any form of dispute or conflict between the employer and the employee. These laws are important for any major country to maintain a positive balance between the employer and the employee and also to assure that the employees are not deprived of their basic employment rights. The list of employment laws vary from country to country but most aim in the same type of necessities and rights.